35mm Camera’s,a Personal Memory Snapshot

26 Jan

I ‘m feeling a bit wistful today;I saw a sign on the door of the local CVS Pharmacy saying that they’re no longer developing 35mm film. Don’t get wrong;I love my  digital but,yes,it’s the end of an era. My first camera was one of those Kodak Instamatics ;it was a gift from my aunt & it was “gently used” not that I cared;I was thrilled to have my own camera & soon was taking pics of everyone & everything,no matter how mundane the subject. Later, I  graduated to one that my dad (who was working as a family photographer at the time)helped me pick out in a Thrift Shop;it was an ugly snot-green color & took only 126 film which you couldn’t find in just any drugstore;you had to go to a Camera Shop & purchase it here. Also,the photos were fomated like the kind you see in very old photo albums with the thick black border. In High School,I took a photography class so I (finally) got my first of several 35mm cameras & going from the blurry 110 & 126 cameras was a revelation for me. I took it to Hawaii & was snapping pics of my brother picking coconuts off Palm Trees (ala Mowgli in “The Jungle Book”)crashing waves & Hula Dancers I cherished that camera and was heartbroken when I lost it. Other cameras followed, but, for me,that camera couldn’t be replaced I guess cause it was the first “real” one I owned  & you never forget your first(or so they say)   The last 35mm I used before going Digital was one I ordered online. At this point in my life I was performing in local theater productions and so that camera was put to use taking taking taking of fellow cast members in heavy stage make-up & period costumes. It was while doing one of these shows that I noticed someone using one of those  new Digital Cameras. I was intrigued ;you mean you can delete a shot that you don’t like? As well as not having to be confined to 24 or 36 photos as well as  (& I hated doing this) winding the film . Anyway,once I found out I was to be going to be a aunt I went out and bought my own Digital Camera & haven’t looked back since as my 35mm collected dust(&,as of this writing still is.) Perhaps I’ll  give it to someone who might appreciate it (and doesn’t mind having to search a bit for the film to use it)  I can give it to a Thrift Shop or…perhaps I’ll just keep it.


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